Local Search

It goes without saying that advertising messages are everywhere. Some advertising methods are definitely more effective than others — how often do you use the yellow pages these days?

But with all the advertising clutter, how will you stand out above the rest?

By providing quality content, you increase your value and build trust with that customer.

In order to generate more traffic to your business, people first have to be able to find you. But that’s just the start. They have to find your information valuable, you need a way to capture their information, and then you must have a system to follow up with them and market your product or service.

With our Local Search Domination process we will:

  • determine where you currently stand in online search to provide our baseline and know what holes need to be filled
  • activate a system to capture contact information for those interested in your product or service
  • implement a solid follow-up system to turn leads into raving fans
  • claim, standardize and optimize over 100 local directory listings
  • claim, standardize and optimize your business listings on Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • generate value-added content to be distributed thru video sites, your blog, newsletters and other content sharing avenues
  • track your progress
  • provide you RESULTS!
Don’t wait any longer! Let’s get started today!